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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy New Year 2009, my hope

The New Years, A moment celebrated by people in the entire world. Traditions and ritual expectation increase it recurring year even also; melt in hilarity of party in vacation centers, last when the time show 12.00pm arriving, felicitating each other new year, directly, telephonic and also via SMS.

Me? At home, before year commutation, I finished by hence pajamas sweetly, forming into loop in blanket sweetly and in act to sweet sleep. For me, this night of new years just another night and New Year even also, just another day. Its problem, New Year right now, nothing changes significant from me. The examples: I still single (so please, the gossip that I am fiancĂ©, pardon! Making my prospect gets Mr. Right to decrease, hehehe….). I still work as the real-freelancer, accepting pieces of jobs from some people, I still being a lucky single woman and also secure with my self. Conclusion: likes New Year elapsing, in 2009, really still like me in year of 2008. Becoming, what its special moment of New Year celebrated by this million people?

Only one tradition which I conducted; delivering short messages loaded beloved with payload of well expectations in the next year for folks and friends. That also caused by friends which beforehand deliver the short message to me.
Finally, I becomes contagious, delivering very simple short message, because I am very ugly to stringing up word for short message delivery (what can I says honey! I accustomed write on the Blog, obliged to write with maximum limit 160 characters inclusive of space – so that is very disturbing me? :D). Fills my very simple short message is:

Dear all,
Congratulation greets and realizes the new expectation in year of 2009, hopefully Allah blessing all of us. Happy New Years!!

Eh, I think that is funny, all day long until next few days; I get a lot of reciprocation with the beautiful form and sound. There is very poetic, very religion, creative and humorous by exploiting character on mobile phone forming rabbit, gift, clock, and trumpet until fireworks.
For examples:

A couple more hours and another year will be over. Let the pain in the past be our lesson and the laughter be our strength to face the New Year ahead. May God bless us always. (Nanilycious)

I’ll stay here in ur inbox n wait until 12.00pm so I’ll be the 1st one to greet you HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009. (Anc-Ninx)

Monday went to Tuesday to see Wednesday and ask Thursday whether Friday has told Saturday that Sunday is NEW YEAR. Advance Happy New Year to you dear. (Ozzy L. Frisas)


Yesterday GOD was with you, Today you’re under HIS care. Don’t worry about tomorrow; HE is already there, to keep you safe. Happy New Year 2009, Happiness! (Sechah)

From that entire new year greeting makes me think about, "Oops, why my friend can string up the word beautifully - and I start to feels the content of my short message which I delivered that graceless. Until at one time I accept 6 short messages which its contents of equal precisely, even until dot and comma characters.
AHA! The Piracy of short message content!
Hehehe…Ok, with super feeling, I set mind on to conduct the piracy of short message content to later re-delivered to others.

I am a true improper ploughman, with my self confidence send to repeat short message without vanishing previous consignor name. Just imagine, what does reaction the one who I send of that short message, I think that is embarrassing.
Finally, this amateurish ploughman says: HAPPY NEW YEAR for all….!!

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