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Monday, August 3, 2009

Difficulty In Money Blogging

Money Blogging is make money from our web blog, many people have already to try it, but only slightly can getting money from their web Blog. It can be caused because They are using wrong way to money blogging. May be they have trying a false way to trying money blogging. If we want to learn more, money blogging is verry simple way to getting money from the internet.

One of difficulty to make money from the site/blog is how to apply optimum SEO on their article, they can't make their article on maksimum SERP. Many people using search engine like google, yahoo, and etc to getting more information. And i think this is a big opportunities to get high traffick into our blog where traffick ie the same as money from a money blogging.

like me, peoples more happy to write a long article, but this is can make other peoples get lazy to reading our article. They just need a main point to get information, unless if we can have ability to make readers be like our article.

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