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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Your Product ?

Many people already know about how to make money from the internet, and many have tried to make money from blogs to realize the desire to make money on the internet. They started blogging, advertising on their blogs, and hope that happens click on the ads.

But there are some bloggers began to make their way to make money from the internet, they created their own business, there is a reseler, there are selling the ability to make the layout of the blog, there are selling the ability to process photos into cartoon drawings, there are selling the ability to create blogs and websites , and many more business can be conducted on the internet. They run their business.

Let us try to see the name of an online business name is famous, such as Joko Susilo, COSA Aranda, Anne Ahira, and others. Here, I do not discuss about their products. However I would like to discuss with their blogging activities. They like us, together as blogging and also create content for blogs.

But there is one striking difference, they are their own blogs, if rented out to advertisers Part of it was just a little of their blog space. There are not even rent out ad space for their blogs. They're blogging to support their business.

It turned out to have a product which was sold very necessary when you start trying to make money from the internet. When we have a product that we sell, then our blogging will become more effective.

Advertisements on blogs can indeed make money, but this can not be relied on to only get a high number of traffick only. This will be discussed later.

Okay now let's think if we get the question, What do you sell from your blog? What can make you earn money from your blogging activities?

What can you answer that? We can not answer that question, how we would hope that our blogs can generate money for us?

Indeed to have their own product or unique capabilities that can be sold is not an easy thing. If we do not have something that can be sold from our blog, why we do not sell products to others? So we have something we can sell from our blog. That way we can hope that our blog will be contributing money to our blog.

There are so many product owners who want to share with us to sell their products. You just choose one, of course with a buy it, choose quality products, products that you can also take use of these products. So?

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