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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Project Management PrepCast

I just saw the page of a site, I am interested in the opening words on that site. I excerpt these words here. The words are : "Are you frustrated because you are trying to balance life, family, friends, work and on top of it all you need to find the time to study for the challenging Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Exam?" Reading that news I wondered, What do they offer? Finally, I continue to read the article. Apparently they are offering "The PM PrepCast" or "The Project Management PrepCast" And then i knew if the product that their selling is called either "The PM PrepCast" or "The Project Management PrepCast". Their target customers are project managers from around the world who want to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. This exam is managed and offered by The Project Management Institute (PMI). It is the most sought after certification in the field of project management today. The majority of our customers are men who have around 5 years of experience in their career as a project manager.

The PM PrepCast has a few distinguishing features :

First of all it is cheaper than any other PMP training on the market. We only charge $99.97 for the complete training. Other companies charge up to $1,000 for the same training. Currently there is nobody who charges less than we do. (We include a number of additional bonus items into this price as well.)

Second, the PM PrepCast is a 40-hour long video course that you download to your iPod (or other type of portable media player). So in essence it is a "Videocast" with 120 lessons. Once you have the course on your player you can pretty much watch it anywhere you want. Many customers use it on their way to work, when they work out, and someone told me he used it while he was swimming.

So the PrepCast is not only ideal for people who have limited time available in the day or who are constantly on the road, it is also ideal for people who have a tight budget or those who simply prefer to study on their own. On their site, youu can watch a number of free episodes on the website by clicking on the "Free" link in the top menu.

The PM PrepCast teaches the student everything that they need to know in order to prepare for the exam. In particular: The PM PrepCast reviews all the concepts, tools & techniques that come from The PMBOK Guide. 75% of the knowledge required for the exam comes from this PMBOK Guide.

In column testimonials, some say : "Yesterday evening I passed the PMP exam after 4 months of intensely learning. The first feeling that I have is a big relieve that it's over and that I finally have my life back!". Others write : "If you are considering taking the PMP certification exam, I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast especially since there really aren’t any other “pod-ready” PMP casts out there. I give this fine PrepCast a rating of 5 out of 5 milestones." How About You ?

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