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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can We Earn Money From the Internet?

Earning money from the internet, most on us must have been familiar with this term, musnt't we? However, is it possible for us to earn money from the internet? Generally, i may conclude that internet is a medium which is similar to other media such as newspaper, tv, and radio. There is money rotation in those media, that is from the advertisement. In that case, media have the function to broadcase the advertisement to the market segment.

Advertisement becomes one of the biggest money resource in that medium, including internet. We know there is "rating" in TV, where the higher rating of a program, so the advertisement becomes very expensive. Why so? Because many people will watch the advertisement.

In the internet, the visualisations are web blog and web site, the more visitors browse those web, the advertisement will have higher value, since they show advertisement to more people. In conclusion, we can earn money from the internet.


  1. yep..you got that right brow..

    making money online is becoming one of the greatest way for the people who use the internet as their farm of living. iclude me..

    thanks to blogger.com for make this reality

  2. sekarang blog juga bisa dijadikan ladang dolar... hehehe... mampir yah...